Real Books

At Plastic Spoon, we pride ourselves on producing and promoting real books for real people in the real world. That means you!

And our latest fiction book is available right now!

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Boost Your Therapy

There are countless books out there that can fill your mind with theory after theory, transforming you into an enviably knowledgeable therapist.

Yet, do they actually help you help people more than you currently do?

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Get Real

Who really benefits from books that teach "how to find your best you!" and so on?

We prefer to write and read about unsexy things like helping depressed people be as happy as they can. If that interests you, you're in the right place!

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Of Madness and Folly

How's this for a comedy? - Rob was a Social Worker, with a love of red wine and a diagnosis of Asperger's. He was struggling to keep his self-harm a secret and failing to rebuild his life after the breakdown of his marriage. There was also the small matter of 'the Voice'.

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The truth is stranger than fiction!

Hilarious and heart-warming, Of Madness and Folly is Graham Old's first novel. Told with insight and compassion, this is a unique glimpse into one man's struggles with life on the edge.

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We are a three-legged stool

What we do at Plastic Spoon is easy: Books for people struggling in the real world, books helping those who want to support those struggling and fiction (or fiction-based) books about such struggles...