The Anxiety Guide: Book Launch!

The Anxiety Guide

We are unreasonably excited to announce that our latest book – The Anxiety Guide – is now available for both kindle and paperback.

We are excited for a number of reasons. Firstly, this book is the first title in our new ‘Self-Help for the Rest of Us’ series. That series is dear to our hearts because it pretty much encapsulates the whole idea of Plastic Spoon.

Secondly, we are excited because we happen to think that it’s a pretty damn good book! Not only that, but we think it also offers a unique perspective on approaching anxiety.

Here is the official blurb from the Amazon page:

Many books currently offering solutions to anxiety are written by experts, theorists, or former sufferers with the condition. The Anxiety Guide may be the first book written by and for those currently dealing with anxiety on a daily basis.

Filled with practical advice on dealing with different types of anxiety, including panic attacks, this book can be thought of as a guidebook on “how I got through today.”

Thirdly, we are excited because, well, we just get excited about books!

You can get the book for £6.99 on kindle, or £10.99 in paperback. Please share widely, as we believe this could be a genuinely helpful book for those currently living with anxiety.

Get it here!