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Plastic Spoon

We are very excited to announce our upcoming book series, Self-Help for the Rest of Us! This series captures the heart of what Plastic Spoon is really all about, or at least one of the three legs. To save repeating ourselves, we have summed-up that heart in the following blog post: [su_permalink id="252"][/su_permalink] Basically, if this book proves to be a bit of a duff idea, then the whole concept of Plastic Spoon needs rethinking. So, you know, no pressure! The books in this series will not answer every question you have about the issues under discussion, but they will offer suggestions that have been road-tested by people who have actually been there. We think that makes them fairly unique...

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The lunatics are running… EVERYTHING!

When I first told a friend about my ideas for Plastic Spoon Books - writings for, by and about those struggling with mental health or emotional well-being - he said, "Ah, so you're suggesting that the lunatics take over the asylum?" I smiled, as I shook my head gently. "No mate, I'm suggesting that the lunatics take over the asylum and the printing press and the whole fucking media. And, I'll tell you this - they already have! It's just a question of asking which particular lunatics we want running the joint." He smiled and offered me another can. "No thanks, mate. I'll be up all night." As it happened, I was up all night. Up all night thinking about...

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A bold claim, I know!

This is going to sound like an extremely bold claim. I know. I get that. And, trust me, if I was in your shoes, I would feel exactly as you do now. Yet, I wanted to take this time to tell you that I do not believe that there are many - if any - book promoters like us on the planet. For one thing, we tend to avoid overly popular books - and that's really not a good marketing move! Secondly, we bring together 3 worlds that, more often than not, do not interact: Those who are struggling Those seeking to help those who are struggling Those people - fictional or otherwise - who have shared the stories of...

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