Poem: Whiskey

Glass of whiskey

Ice And a glass And human comp'ny - The bare necessity of man You take me up And bring me down The red-blooded roulette That is my life This sauce will make a fool of me Start rumours Slander, a campaign of smear Intermittent good times Transient reputations Where it lands Nobody knows. Tonight With a tumbler We'll pretend we're friends Companions, co-travellers Joined at the flask. We'll read Bukowski And Fante Young and Old We'll speak the same language We'll hug and we'll fight. Politics Religion Words and song We'll barter and banter And grapple for fun When morning creeps in And shame smirks And mocks - The usual routine, Dry Heavy Rusty heads, We'll react as strangers Who...

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Poem: I am Well

I am well, they said, I know not how. Though that voice still circles my head, those impulses drive me and tempt me to destroy myself I am well because I have not yet done what the voice outside my head tells me to do. If this is well, I spit back, please God, let me be sick.

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Poem: The Silent Scream

They heard my silent scream. I know they did. I saw it on their faces. That "Oh, I'm so sorry that you go through this," gaze, cast in my direction from a safe distance. We all hear voices. It's just that I was taught that it's rude to ignore someone when they're talking to you. "So, he suffers from auditory hallucinations..." says the psychiatrist, to himself. "I would like you to inhabit a world where you no longer think of yourself as a god..." speaks the psychologist, confusing the delusion. "I wonder if you could imagine being happy with your body..." The hypnotist invites the anorexic, to practice un-truths. We all hear voices, I know we do. I see it...

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