The Asylum Diaries

For some time now, we have not been completely happy with the title of our first novel. Of Madness and Folly, whilst being a masterclass of dark humour, sounded a little too much like an academic journal entry to our ears. So, we renamed it. And, in the process, had a whole new cover designed as well. The book is now entitled, The Asylum Diaries and you can find it on Amazon and the bookshelf of any discerning reader with a sense of humour, an ounce of empathy and a pulse. Buy it here. Unless you've already got a copy, of course, which I can't imagine wouldn't be the case!

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The Short Stories are Coming!

Those of you who enjoy our fiction work, may be pleased to hear that we are releasing a series of short stories. In fact, there will be two series! Firstly, there is the Rob Auldam Short Story series. This documents events in the life of Rob both before and after he made it into the pages of our novel, Of Madness and Folly. The first story in this series is entitled, The Removal. This records a day in the life of Rob the Social Worker, approximately a decade before his breakdown that lead to the stay in Greenfields. Secondly, there is the Greenfields Short Story series. This series follows the lives of some of Rob's fellow patients. Predominantly, this takes...

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